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Frequently asked questions

Opening hours

Bobo Fun Park can be visited all year round, from autumn to spring Wednesday to Sunday, on school holidays and public holidays every day. In the Arena, the day is split into 2 separate four-hour playing slots: 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. The ticket office opens 30 minutes before the start of the playing time. There is a 1-hour break for cleaning services between the morning and the afternoon slots.
Yes. You can arrive any time within the given playing slot, however, your time expires at the end of the slot (2:00 or 7:00 p.m.), and you will have to leave the playing area.
Regardless of the arrival time, the playing time expires at the end of the slot. Next priority is disinfection, so we will ask you to leave the playing area. In case you arrived in the morning and would like to play in the afternoon as well, you will have to buy a ticket for that period, too. With that ticket, you can enter the Arena again from 3:00 p.m.


With the Arena ticket, you can freely use these attractions during the complete playing time: Bobo Boulder, Trampoline, Soft Play, Ninja Course, Laser Labyrinth, MultiBall, ValoClimb, ValoJump, Wave Climb, Baby World, Football Pitch, slides and climbing ramps in the passageways. A minimum age, height or weight is required for the use of certain game modules. You will find detailed information on these under the descriptions of attractions.

Additionally, with the Adrenalin+ ticket you can also try the following attractions if you are over 6 years of age: Ropes Course, Fun Walls, Skyscraper Walk, Jump in the Air, Geometrix, Cave, Dream Walls (outdoor climbing walls). Some of these can be used only over a certain age or if you meet the prescribed weight and height conditions; it is worth checking the detailed game descriptions before your visit.

The tickets are only valid for the playing time indicated on them, and for one entry only.

The use of machines and VR simulators in the Arcade is not included in the tickets; you can buy tokens for these paying with cash or credit card at the ticket office. The token machine accepts bank notes. Some of the simulators operates with instant card payment only.
Entry under 2 years is free of charge. But it is important to buy them a free registration ticket when buying tickets online.
The Arena is not for children only, what is more... Most of the attractions offer active fun and exciting challenges for adults as well. This is why adults also need an entry ticket to visit the Fun Park.

Visitors above 65 and pregnant women can buy discounted tickets. Guests with reduced mobility enter free of charge. Please do not forget to buy them a free registration ticket when buying tickets online.
It is recommended to buy tickets online in advance on our website. This way you can be sure that you will have a place at the selected time. Make sure you bring your online ticket with you in printed form or on your mobile phone, as you have to show it at the ticket office. Online ticket sales closes 1 hour before the start of the playing time, after which you can only buy tickets on the spot.

The ticket office opens 30 minutes before the start of the playing time. If we have available places, you can buy your tickets here when you arrive. However, we may have a full house, in which case no more visitors will be let in.
Just buy a supplementary ticket at the ticket office, and you are ready for adventure! Then you can use the same attractions as if you had bought an Adrenaline+ ticket. It is important to have a pair of sports shoes with you as you can not use the ropes course and the climbing walls without them.
If you buy your tickets on our website, you can immediately pay online by a credit card. We also accept credit cards at the Fun Park ticket office where you can pay with cash in HUF as well.
Tickets are not refundable, however, you can rebook them for a later date at least 48 hours before the start of your time slot, subject to availability. Contact our colleagues at fun@bobofunpark.hu to arrange this.

Please keep in mind that we can not modify the time slot if there are less than 48 hours until the start of the playing time. Tickets valid for that day, or for an earlier date and not validated so far can not be booked for a later date either.
We have to meet strict safety requirements, therefore we can not allow more than a certain number of visitors into the Arena. If you have not purchased your ticket in advance, it is unfortunately possible that you cannot enter on a busy day. If you buy your tickets online in advance, you can be sure that this will not happen. In this case, we will reserve a place for you even if you do not arrive at the exact starting time of the slot.
It is currently not possible. We can only issue tickets at the ticket office for the actual playing slot. You can buy tickets for a later date by paying online on our website.

You cannot reserve tickets. If you wish to secure your tickets for a given playing slot or an advertised programme, you can buy your tickets on our online ticketing platform.

Unfortunately not. We are not able to grant a discount once a ticket has been purchased. It is therefore important to indicate your entitlement for a discount (e.g. a free birthday ticket) before you buy your ticket! And take your identity card with you so that we can check it.

Before visiting us

Have you bought your ticket in advance? If not, you can still do it 1 hour before the playing time starts. So you can be sure that you will have a place. If you want to speed up your entry process, print the Statement of Liability from our website and fill it out in advance! It is required for children and adults alike. If you can not print them at home, you can also sign it on the spot, but you cannot enter without.
We recommend wearing sporty clothes in which you can move comfortably. You can bring your clothes with you since we have comfortable changing rooms. Undone zippers, cords, hats and loose clothes might be unsafe, so please avoid wearing them. Long hair is safer if tied up, while watches, rings, necklaces, long earrings are unsafe, therefore they are forbidden. If possible we recommend that you do not wear glasses! 

 Make sure to bring a pair of indoor sports shoes with you as you can not use the climbing walls and the ropes course without them. It’s more comfortable if you wear long trousers because of the safety harnesses. Entry to the playing area is only allowed in special non-slip socks purchased at the Bobo Fun Park. If you have visited us before, you can bring the socks with you, there is no need to buy a new pair.

Arrival, parking

The ticket office opens 30 minutes before the start of the playing time, you can already pick up your wristband and socks at this time, and go to the changing room. If you want to maximise your playing time, you should keep in mind that it takes a short walk to get to the entrance from the parking lot. Of course, you do not have to arrive by the opening time, you can also join later. However, your playing time ends at the time indicated on your ticket.
You can reach the main entrance of the building from two directions. Kolping Street, which bypasses the neighbouring Kolping Hotel from above, leads to the visitor’s entrance. You can leave your car in one of the parking lots here, and arrive to the main entrance from Kolping Street. Hotel guests can walk directly to the entrance from the hotel area; their programmed key card opens the connecting gate.


Most attractions are best enjoyable for the 6+ age groups. However, the huge Soft Play and Wave Climb, which is designed especially for them, guarantees that younger children will also enjoy themselves.
The youngest are also welcome to Bobo Fun Park. While the older siblings and parents seek active adventures in turns, babies can practice crawling and climbing on a playing island designed especially for them.

Mothers can use the comfortable baby changing area next to the toilets, and there are toilets tailored to the size of their older brothers or sisters. To warm your baby’s food, you can use a microwave oven and a bottle warmer in the baby & mommy kitchen.

Please leave your own stroller in the changing room; we provide strollers (of limited number) for getting around within the Arena. There is a lift facilitating access between floors.
No. For the safe use of most attractions, children under 10 need active adult supervision.
Children under 10 may not visit the park without an accompanying adult. Children aged between 10 and 18 can enter the Arena without an accompanying adult in case they have a written parental permission. The Statement of Liability required for entry can only be signed by the child’s legal representative or an adult authorised by the legal representative, so in this case you must bring this statement with you from home.

Games, attractions

Some of the attractions can only be used safely over a certain age or with the prescribed weight and height conditions. The most important rules can also be found on our website under the description of each attraction. Information signs on the spot will help you to get around. If you are still unsure whether a certain game is suitable for you or your child, turn to our animators for help!
We have compiled the elements in a way that most of them can also be used and enjoyed by persons with an average physical condition. No previous experience is required for the climbing walls either. Thanks to the varying difficulty levels, beginners can also try playing safely, however, we offer challenges for those who regularly practice as well.
The climbing walls, the Cave and the Ropes Course can only be used after a short safety training and with special equipment. We provide safety helmets and harnesses, and you must return them to our staff when you finish.

Entry to the playing area is only allowed in special non-slip socks bought in Bobo Fun Park. You can buy them in advance together with your ticket or at the ticket office upon arrival. Also bring a pair of indoor sports shoes with you as you will need them for the climbing walls and the ropes course.

Safety - Health

We have purchased each game module from experts in the field, and they have undergone strict security tests before being brought to the park. Always read the information sign by each game modules, and abide by the rules indicated on them! Always use the safety equipment appropriately, as explained during the safety training! We placed active movement in the fore, so it’s advisable to have a gradual warm-up after you arrive. Pay attention to your body’s signals; have a rest when you get tired! If you heed these basic rules, you have already done a lot to avoid accidents.
Please inform the animator closest to you immediately. There are first aid kits at the ticket office and in the restaurant, too.
No. There is a doctor’s office open in Keszthely every weekday and in Alsópáhok on certain days. The nearest emergency medical service and hospital can be found in Keszthely, 15 minutes from the park by car.
We have developed a strict protocol for you to be as safe as possible. We pay special attention to hygiene; we carry out disinfection cleaning between the two 4-hour playing slots as well. We also ask for your full cooperation. It is important that you only visit the park if you are healthy! In case anyone in your immediate environment is suspected of being or confirmed to be infected with coronavirus, please choose a later date for visiting the Arena.

As Bobo Fun Park is an arena used for sports purposes, according to the current regulations visitors do not need to wear a face mask. However, it is an option you can choose.

Food and drink

Yes, you can buy everything needed to recharge your batteries in the Arena Bar upstairs. You can quickly regain the energy that you have lost with our freshly prepared meals. Naturally, we also serve water, soft drinks, and coffee in case you want to have a short break!
It is not permitted to bring any food or drink into the area of Bobo Fun Park. The Arena Bar upstairs is waiting for you with freshly prepared fast food, sandwiches, coffee, and soft drinks! The refreshments and food that you order can only be consumed on the spot. It is not allowed to take food and drink to the playing area for hygienic reasons.
There are various kinds of food allergies and sensitivities. Unfortunately, our restaurant can not guarantee to meet every requirement all the time. You can ask our colleagues for information regarding the allergen content of certain dishes! Please keep in mind that we can not exclude the possibility of cross-contamination when preparing meals.


Naturally, the celebrating company is most welcome in our separate room upstairs. We can easily arrange celebrations for 6-20 people here. Please make an appointment at least 3 days before the planned celebration. Choose from our birthday packages compiled in advance with prices and detailed content on our website.
We also offer cakes that can be prepared gluten-, milk-, and sugar-free. Please make sure to mention this when arranging the celebration, and ask for possibilities once you know the specific sensitivities!

Kolping Hotel guests

The hotel and the Fun Park are separated by a gate only, which can be opened with the hotel key card, so you can walk up to the Arena any time. What is more, you can enjoy active adventures even between two hotel programmes, several times a day. If you are a hotel guest, your Arena and Adrenaline+ tickets are valid for multiple entries, both for the morning and the afternoon playing slot. You can take advantage of the hotel guests’ benefits on the entire day of your arrival or departure.
It is worth buying your Fun Park ticket online at home to make sure that you can enter the Arena on the scheduled day during your holiday. It is important that you choose the special ticket for hotel guests! Bring the ticket with you in a printed form or on your mobile phone! We will ask you at the Fun Park ticket office to verify that you are a Kolping Hotel guest, so please take your key card holder with you. In case you do not have this with you on the day of arrival/departure, then your booking confirmation will do as well.

If you have not bought a ticket in advance, you can still decide on visiting the Arena during your holiday. In this case you can buy a ticket at the Fun Park reception. However, if we have a full house, we might not be able to let you in, thus it is worth buying an online ticket in advance.

Group booking

For our group offers, please contact us at event@bobofunpark.hu


Yes, our free WiFi network is available through the entire Arena.

Bobo Fun Park
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