Explore and play deep in the Arena

We are getting into adventure with the excitement of cave explorers. Helmet on, and you are ready to conquer the narrow passages. You might even find fossils or cave paintings...

Choose one of the passages! Climb into the tunnel and crawl forward to get further and further! There are exciting surprises waiting for you in the chambers.

Adventurous caving is a unique experience in itself. And we can boost that with playful challenges! Scan your watch at the entrance, and the adventure begins! Find fossils, answer the paleo quiz questions, be the fastest! Once you get back to the entrance, you can check your points and see who were the best.

  • Entry
    Adrenalin +
  • Age
  • Height
    max. 195 cms
  • Available
    after a safety training
Detailed security requirements »
It is not recommended if you suffer from panic disorder or claustrophobia.