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Fun Walls

Interactive climbing walls

Hold on, you will like this! 11 climbing walls full of exhilarating challenges. Even their sheer look is extraordinary. A multitude of colours and shapes with routes of varying difficulty.

A quick safety training, and if your equipment is in order, you are ready to go up to a height of 8 metres. Would you choose another wall? Thanks to the auto belay system, you can stop climbing and descend any time. A quick belay transition and you can start conquering another wall.

Fire, fire! Be the hero who saves the building’s residents! Climb up the ladders and put out the flames on every floor! Would you rather jump on a pirate ship in search of adventure? Study the map carefully and choose the safest route leading to the treasure! Watch out, there are sharks and beasts lurking everywhere!

Have you come to the Arena with your friends? Then here is a chance of testing your skills. 2 identical walls side by side, with built-in timers. Ready, steady, go! Who will get to the top faster? Are you ready for a father and son challenge? Or test yourself in a mother and daughter competition!

Are you curious about your time and want to know how you did compared to others? Scan your watch at the start, and your result will also be displayed on the screen once you reach the top. Improve your best result so far, and check your ranking!

  • Entry
    Adrenalin +
  • Age
  • Weight
    min. 20 kgs,
    max. 150 kgs
  • Available
    after a safety training
Detailed security requirements »
Sports shoes are required. Do not forget to put it in your bag!