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Bobo boulder

An experience right from the start

Are you ready for a phenomenal hippo adventure? Start right at the entrance by conquering Bobo Boulder! Climb up on its back and come down on the other side! Would you have ever thought that its highest point is 3 metres high?

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Fun Walls

Interactive climbing walls

Hold on, you will like this! 11 climbing walls full of exhilarating challenges. Even their sheer look is extraordinary. A multitude of colours and shapes with routes of varying difficulty. Find your way to the top!

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Skyscraper Walk

Just like superheroes

Have you always envied superheroes easily jumping on rooftops? Your time has come! Conquer the skyscrapers and go on a sky walk to discover the imaginary city!

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Jump in the Air

One, two, three... jump!

Well, this takes courage. You are standing on the edge of the ramp, the abyss below you. A big swing, jump, and the target is the punching bag swinging in front of you.

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Climb on three-dimensional forms!

Not only for math professors. Not at all! If you have perfected your wall climbing technique, this is the place for you. Three-dimensional forms, extra challenges in the middle of the Arena.

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Explore and play deep in the Arena

We are getting into adventure with the excitement of cave explorers. Helmet on, and you are ready to conquer the narrow passages. You might even find fossils or cave paintings...

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Ropes Course

In all seasons and weathers

Do you have nerves of steel? Then test your skills on this unique indoor obstacle course! With the entire Arena beneath your feet, it is a fantastic, colourful spectacle. Walk across the jungle bridge, climb through the tunnel, and try to keep...

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Ninja Course

For everyday warriors

Have you just been staring at the players on the race course up until now? Now is the time for you to be the hero. Find the warrior in you and test yourself.

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Higher and higher

Forget about gravity! Nothing is out of reach on the trampoline course. Enjoy the freedom of flying and keep on bouncing until you can catch your breath!

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Soft Play

A giant play centre for nursery kids and young school children

Who will join us on a journey through the jungle? You can reach this unique realm of adventure from several sides. A 3-storey land specifically designed for nursery kids and young school children.

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Interactive climbing wall

A climbing wall where reaching the top is not the goal. A game where it is up to your skills and speed to complete the mission.

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From a trampoline to virtual reality

Be the protagonist and jump into the video game! The trampoline lets you move in virtual reality like a real superhero. Are you ready for an extraordinary adventure?

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Interactive sports game

Tennis, soccer, sponge ball? You can choose the type of duel. There is not an opponent in front of you now but a giant screen. Concentrate, aim, and shoot! The most precise ballplayer will win.

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Laser labyrinth

The mission? Not impossible.

You are only one room away from getting hold of the diamond or reaching the vault. You know the scene from action movies, right?

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Wave Climb

Sky-high playground

Wave riders wanted for adventures on land. Climb higher and higher, conquer new levels until you reach the top.

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Baby World

A baby playground for the wall climbers of the future

Crawling and climbing, or on all fours? This safe sponge empire is a perfect place for practicing. Obstacles, skills activities, slide... The sea animals call for exciting adventures.

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Dream Walls

climbing walls with an extraordinary view

It is like admiring the view from the top of a 3-storey building. Only getting up here is much more exciting. You can climb up to the roof on the 8 courses with different level of difficulty.

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Football pitch

Friendly games hidden inside the play centre.

Some little experience on the ground between some climbing and jumping. Did you know that there is an entire football pitch underneath the giant play centre?

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Slides, climbing ramps

Playing and adventure instead of taking the stairs.

Which is the fastest route from the trampolines to the climbing walls? The slide, of course. Would you go back upstairs? Fight for getting up, the climbing ramp is waiting for you!

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VR simulators

Put on the goggles and embark on a fantastic journey!

Nothing is impossible and there are no distances. All you need is a pair of goggles to experience the most thrilling rollercoaster in the world. Go for a stroll through the construction site of a skyscraper, hop on a plane, or use your laser...

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Virtual adventures

Have a seat! It is not you moving, but rather the world around you. Would you race a car or take part in an exciting adventure game? It’s your choice!

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