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VR simulators

Put on the goggles and embark on a fantastic journey!

Nothing is impossible and there are no distances. All you need is a pair of goggles to experience the most thrilling rollercoaster in the world. Go for a stroll through the construction site of a skyscraper, hop on a plane, or use your laser sword to split the blocks heading towards you!

You can fly anywhere in space and time. Take a virtual trip to the land of the dinosaurs! Can you handle scary situations? Choose a horror movie in the 5D cinema! Do you think it would be too much for you? Swing in a moon buggy, or try drifting with super cool cars!

  • Entry
    To be paid over the entrance fee, with tokens
  • Age
  • Available
    during playing time, in special opening hours
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If you do not have any VR experience, ask the animator to help you choose!